We drove and reviewed the 2023 BMW XM

Last year in Austria, I had the opportunity to test drive a BMW XM prototype before its official release. However, like most prototypes, the interior of the car was partly covered with black wraps. But last week, I went to Phoenix, Arizona to finally drive the production series 2023 BMW XM. During the test drive, I was able to drive the XM on a variety of roads including streets, highways, and backroads, which allowed me to experience the car as a regular customer would.

BMW XM – A daring proposition

The video review below is the longest we’ve ever done. It can easily compete with an hour-long TV show. But we wanted to make sure that we cover all the details of the new BMW XM because there are quite a few. We focused on things like the exterior and interior design, iDrive 8 functionality and shortcomings, interior and cargo space, engine specs, chassis and suspension settings, driving modes, and of course, the driving experience. We also paired up with the BMW XM product manager to talk about the differences of the eControl system in Europe versus United States.

Heavy but fast

Naturally, we touched on the upcoming BMW XM Label Red as well which will not only have the most horsepower ever in a BMW car – 750 horsepower – but also a mind-blowing 0-60 time for a 6,000 lbs car: 3.9 seconds. It will also come with specific colors, inside and out, and some unique trims. But more on that next month. If you prefer to read the print review of this 2023 BMW XM, you can find it here.

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Without giving away the full review, here is the conclusion for those of you that like to skip to the end. The 2023 BMW XM has its own character compared to the other M SUVs and an apples-to-apples comparison with the X5 M wouldn’t be fair. In terms of technology and driving dynamics, the BMW XM still builds upon the engineering pillars that turned ///M into a renowned brand. It can magically hide its weight – considering it’s the heaviest BMW today – and it can put a smile on my face. In certain situations.

Although I have covered some aspects of the BMW XM in this review, there is much more to this luxury M SVU that I encourage you to explore for yourself by taking a test drive or experiencing it from the back seat. It’s worth noting that the customer demographic for this vehicle is more diverse than ever before. In a time of social media craze when trends are constantly shifting, the typical automotive customer is also changing rapidly. So is the typical M customer.

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