The BMW M2 CS Is Spectacular on the Nurburgring

BMW’s recent M cars have been a bit hit and miss over the past decade or so. However, a few of them have been absolutely next-level spectacular and one of those cars was the BMW M2 CS, a car that was pretty much perfect right out of the box. What’s so impressive about the M2 CS is that it wasn’t just a track monster or a road car, it was genuinely great at both. In this new video from Misha Charoudin, you get to see just how good the M2 CS is at the Nurburgring, right out of the box.

We all know that cars like the M4 CSL are going to be track monsters but, often times, those track monsters can be difficult to live with on the road. However, the M2 CS proves that can have your cake and eat it, too.

In this video, you get to see Charoudin absolutely on it, pushing the M2 CS as hard as anyone realistically should push a road car at the ‘Ring. He buries the speedometer needle in to the right side of the gauge and keeps it there, proving just how well the M2 CS can carry speed through the Nurburgring’s longer sweepers. It has so much mechanical grip from the factory that it can stay neutral and balanced through even some seriously difficult corners. The only modification this owner had was a set of Michelin Cup 2 tires, which are grippier than the PS4S tires that come from the factory.

What’s most impressive about the M2 CS, though, is that once you take it off the track, it’s actually still a great road car. The M4 CSL, for instance, isn’t a great road car. It’s too stiff and pogos over bumps too much, breaking traction, and it just never feels settled. On track, it’s brilliant but on the road, it’s just too aggressive. The M2 CS, however, is incredible on the road and, as evidenced by this video, just as good on track. Which is why it’s one of the very best cars BMW has ever made.

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