Sustainable Surfboards Constructed of Upcycled Carbon Fiber and Bio-resin

frank mckenna via Unsplash

Kimberly Hoodin

April 18, 2022

NOTOX is combining upcycled carbon fiber from Airbus with bio-resin from Sicomin to develop its new sustainable R-CARBON surfboards.

NOTOX, a surfboard creator founded in 2006, is committed to sustainability. In the past, the NOTOX team worked with Sicomin and used its GreenPoxy bio-resins in surfboards reinforced with sustainable cork, bamboo, and flax.

The NOTOX team is not resting on its sustainable Laurels, and they design with the adage the waste of some can be resources for others in mind. It is also important to the NOTOX team that they provide boards that match surfers’ values ​​of respecting nature.

NOTOX is now partnering with Sicomin and Airbus to design and build the new line of R-CARBON surfboards. The R-CARBON is built of carbon fiber that is declared unusable for aircraft applications by Airbus because of defects such as an inability to be pre-formed or short roll lengths. Using a wet lamination process with vacuum bag consolidation, the carbon fiber is combined with Sicomin’s high bio-content resin, GreenPoxy 56, and Surf Clear hardener. The result is a clear and glossy laminate with high mechanical properties.

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