Subsequent-Gen BMW X3 Rendering Takes After Spy Pictures

The next-generation BMW X3 won’t go into production until August 2024 according to company insiders but we’ve already seen our fair share of spy shots. Those camouflaged prototypes have stood as the foundation for a new speculative rendering of the future luxury crossover. Based on what was noticeable on those test vehicles, the design team won’t rock the boat, so don’t expect the X7’s hugely controversial split headlights to trickle down.

In addition, the new model (codenamed “G45”) is not getting an overly tall kidney grille either, so BMW is not taking any design risks with the fourth-generation X3. The adjacent renderings show the flush door handles already applied to several new models for improved airflow. As for the quad exhausts, these used to be reserved for the X3 M but the future M Performance version will have them as well.

2025 BMW X3 rendering / Kolesa

Speaking of the M Lite variant, we’re hearing it’ll be rebadged as the X3 M50i xDrive, possibly without the “i.” Rumor has it that BMW will begin to get rid of the letter from its gasoline-fueled cars starting with new models planned to come out in 2024. The lesser gas variants could simply be known as X3 20, X3 20 xDrive, X3 30 xDrive, etc.

The X3 M50 is likely to be the only M Performance version of the next-generation model with a combustion engine since there are slim chances of another M40d. With emissions regulations getting stricter, corroborated with lower demand for diesel cars in general, the sporty six-cylinder diesel is living on borrowed time.

The X3 M50 might be accompanied by a zero-emission M Performance model as the Neue Klasse-based iX3 (“NA5”) is expected to spawn an M60 xDrive or something to that effect. We have it on good authority that a full-fat iX3 M is also in the making and it has already been assigned the “ZA5” internal codename.

Source: Kolesa

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