Subsequent BMW X2 spy images present an X4-style sloping roof

With its sloping not-a-coupe-but-not-a-crossover roofline, the heavily camouflaged vehicle you see here may look like a BMW X4, but it’s actually the next iteration of the smaller, hatchback-style X2. Don’t worry, we had to squint a bit, too. Closer inspection of the profile suggests a front-wheel-drive architecture, and a peek at the rear seems to confirm that. We’ve heard rumors that the X4 as we know it is on its way out, which we suppose could leave a little bit of room on BMW’s crowded showroom floors for a redesigned X2 to fill the missing gap left by the loss of the rakish X4 , however small that gap may be between the staid X1 and more BMW-traditional X3.

In any case, we expect four-cylinder engine options to mimic those of the 2023 BMW X1, and our spy photographers tagged this one as the higher-spec X2 M35i. If that’s the case, a 2.0-liter engine turbocharged to the tune of 306 horsepower is likely behind those camo’d kidneys. BMW could also surprise us with a more potent M40i version, but we don’t have any real evidence of that. A prominent rear spoiler is evident at the back, as are quad exhaust tips. Up front, the aforementioned kidney grilles look largeish, but hopefully not comically so. Large rectangular air intakes sit below the grilles for additional air intake.

An electrified iX2 is also rumored to be in the works from BMW — which may or may not come to the States — likely with a later release date than the gasoline-fueled X2 we see here. We’ve been told to expect this updated X2 to hit the market next year as a 2024 model.

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