See The BMW M340i Get M3 Kyalami Orange Inside

This BMW 3 Series Sedan painted in Dravid Grey might seem like your run-of-the-mill M340i but look inside and you’ll immediately think if you’ve just hopped inside an M3. The folks over at Kies Motorsports have worked on a pre-facelift version of the M Performance sedan to give its cabin a major quality boost by largely borrowing a cabin from a full-fat M3.

They decided to go wild and opt for a Kyalami Orange to replace the previously bland black interior that felt cheap and plasticky, according to the New Jersey-based company specialized in selling BMW parts. It was a comprehensive transformation since they replaced not just the seats front and rear, but also the dashboard and even the door cards. They opted for the standard front seats instead of the body-hugging carbon bucket ones.

With this being a pre-LCI M340i, it has the previous-generation iDrive system, which some would argue is for the better since there are still traditional controls for the climate settings. There were quite a few hidden screws they had to remove to detach the dashboard, which also involved yanking off the steering wheel and the center console. We rarely have the chance to see a 3 Series G20 with its interior almost entirely stripped out which gives us an idea of how complex cars are these days behind that fancy leather.

Kies Motorsports went for the OEM+ look by installing the M Performance carbon fiber dashboard trim and storage lid, along with Alcantara knee pads. In addition, the steering wheel’s spokes have been bathed in matte carbon fiber from the same MPP catalog. The sports sedan also received aftermarket magnetic paddle shifters for improved tactile feedback. Installing M Performance side sills and floor mats along with a fire extinguisher were the finishing touches.

Even more mods are on the way as the M340i didn’t even have the engine and gearbox installed when the video was recorded.

Source: Kies Motorsports / YouTube

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