Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail Is A Stunner In Walkaround Video

There are cars out there, and then there are Rolls-Royces. When you see an aerodynamically optimized wooden rear deck that generates downforce, you know that car is extra special. Reviving the two-seater roadster after a long hiatus, Rolls-Royce stunned the world this month with the Droptail. A new lengthy walkaround video shows the second of the four one-offs.

Following in the footsteps of the La Rose Noire, the Amethyst also comes with a removable hardtop and a V12 engine. Don’t go into thinking this is a reskinned Rolls-Royce based on an existing model as it uses a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum to create a bespoke monocoque. This Droptail has the largest wood panel ever installed by RR and boasts a brushed and polished front grille with an upper kink never seen before on a model from Goodwood.

While the vast majority of people can’t phantom the idea of spending roughly $28 million on a car, Rolls-Royce had no issues finding four buyers for the Droptail. This Amethyst commission does look like a rolling work of art, and it took many years to finish the project due to the unprecedented complexity of some of the details. Many hours were invested into hand-made parts not shared with any other RR products.

Having seen La Roise Noire and Amethyst, we’re eager to discover the other two Droptail projects. Mind you, these are not concept cars, but rather fully road-legal vehicles. These cars have dual identities as fitting the hardtop transforms them into low-slung coupes different from any other coupes on the road today.

From the paint to the leather and wood, just about everything had to be created specifically for these Droptail vehicles to demonstrate RR has what it takes to revive the long-lost art of coachbuilt cars.

Source: Mr JWW / YouTube

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