Rivian R3 Might Compete with the New BMW X2 and iX2

Alongside the larger R2, California-based EV maker Rivian also unveiled today a smaller electric crossover: The Rivian R3 and R3X. The entry-level quirky crossover shares the same platform as the R2, but it has shrunk in size. The R3’s wheelbase measures 110 inches, wheelbase about five inches shorter than the R2. The R3X has wider wheels and tires, and a higher ground clearance than the base R3.

Similar Wheelbase As The New BMW X2

There are no specs on the width and length, but the higher-spec R3X is said to be wider. In comparison, the new BMW X2 had a wheelbase of 106 inches. From the looks of it, the BMW X2 seems to be the slightly larger crossover, but we will have to wait until someone will actually measure the R3 and R3X.

Rivian said the R3 will be offered with two different battery packs with the larger one offering more than 300 miles of range. The quickest variant with a three-electric motor setup will be able to do zero to 60 mph in just three seconds. Single and dual motor powertrains will be offered as well. Like the R2, the R3 and R3X will use the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. Both SUVs will be able to use Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs with an adapter.

Weird But Fun Looking

The R3 incorporates a design language consistent with Rivian’s lineup, but adopting a hatchback form factor. It maintains the brand’s signature oval front headlights, while uniquely featuring a lift-up rear glass instead of the typical hatchback design. The vehicle’s interior is versatile, with a second row of seats that can be flattened, enhancing its utility for outdoor excursions. This design tweak, allowing for the adjustment of the rear glass, facilitates the transportation of bulky items such as surfboards or musical instruments. Some told us the R3 looks like a Soviet Lada and they might be right. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Rivian R3 could start deliveries in 2026, but to starting price was announced. The larger R2 starts off at $45,000 so we expect the R3 to be a few thousand dollars cheaper.

BMW doesn’t plan on selling the iX2 in the United States, but in Europe it starts at 56,600 euros. From what we know, there is no similarly-sized Neue Klasse iX2 in works yet, but we won’t be surprised seeing one by the end of the decade. In the end, this rugged segment needs a BMW competitor as well.

The X3 is the closest stand-in for the R2 based on the leaked specs (listed on the second pic). Most exterior dimensions are within an inch or so, but with the R2’s excepted boxy styling and +3 inch wheel base, it will have a larger interior than an X3.

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