Renault 4-inspired EV pictures tease its Paris Auto Present reveal

It has always been interesting to observe the new vehicles we don’t get in the United States. Renault has been responsible for several “forbidden fruit” models over the years, and its latest EV tease may revive another. The French automaker recently teased a new electric crossover that bears a striking resemblance to one of its most iconic historical models. Renault will reveal the new EV on October 17 at the Paris Motor Show.

Keen-eyed observers will immediately pick up the Renault 4 vibes here, and the automaker confirms the EV will be a “new take” on the long-running model. Initially designed with a directive to be “less ugly than the 2CV,” the Renault 4 went on to take second place in the 1979 Paris-Dakar and was sold in some countries until 1994. It remained France’s best-selling car until 2010.

With such a storied nameplate as its inspiration, the electrified Renault 4 will likely offer plenty of not-for-America tech and functionality. That said, as the third member of the Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Renault has access to shared technologies and components it might otherwise not. For example, the new Megane ETech EV rides on the same CMF-EV platform that underpins the Nissan Ariya.

Renault calls itself the “leader of electric mobility in Europe” and says its EVs accounted for almost 15% of all electrics sold in Europe in 2021. Beyond the new Megane ETech Electric model, Renault offers a smaller Zoe electric hatchback and two electric delivery vans . Dacia, Renault’s budget brand, also sells a cute electric crossover.

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