Recyclable FusionFiber® Materials Offers Secure Experience in Bicycle Wheelset

Photo by Viktor Bystrov on Unsplash

Kimberly Hoodin

May 15, 2023

Chris King Precision Components introduced the ARD44, a new recyclable FusionFiber® bicycle wheelset made by CSS Composites.

The ARD44, the new FusionFiber® wheelset from Chris King Precision Components (Chris King), is the first recyclable carbon wheel made in America. It is the perfect pairing with the company’s well-known lightweight and durable hubs.

CCS Composites built the wheels for Chris King using FusionFiber®, a thermoplastic made using long-chain polymers and nylon instead of carbon fiber, providing strength and supporting better traction in the wheels. The use of the FusionFiber® technology in the ARD44 also allows for microscopic flexing in the fibers, absorbing impact in the rim and providing a smooth ride for cyclists and reducing rider fatigue on both smooth roads and rough terrain.

Testing shows that rims made with FusionFiber® withstand a minimum of 275% of the UCI standard for impact resistance, a minimum of 950 lbs. of spoke pull force, and provide a 50% or greater increase in damping while maintaining lateral stability.

FusionFiber® can be chipped, heated, and recycled to make other products, saving time, energy, and producing less waste.

“While we were fine-tuning the GRD23 and MTN30 rims, I knew developing our own road rim was the next step. To design a high-performance wheel that’s worthy of the King name is no small feat, but the moment I rode the first prototype, I knew we were on to something special/unique,” ​​said Greg Hudson, Wheel Product Manager at Chris King Precision Components “These ARD44 wheels represent everything we’ve come to understand about what makes riders faster. We already had a hub we knew outperformed the competition, but getting this rim completed the picture. That the rim could also be made in a more sustainable way, and that, ultimately, is the cherry on top.”

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