Porsche Taycan Turbo S takes the electrical Nurburgring file

Last year, the Tesla Model S Plaid set the record for production electric sedan at the Nürburgring. It went about seven seconds faster around the course than the Porsche Taycan in plain Turbo trim. So naturally, Porsche went back with an even faster Taycan Turbo S with a new performance package to reclaim the course’s record with a new time of 7:33.350. The new time is 2,229 seconds quicker than the Tesla.

The lap was done with a Taycan Turbo S with the Tequipment performance package (as well as a mandated roll cage and racing seats). The Taycan Turbo S is the most powerful variant of the Taycan line, making a maximum of 750 horsepower rather than 670 of the regular Turbo (although both models make 616 horsepower in most circumstances). The pack includes 21-inch wheels with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires and an update to the Porsche 4D Chassis Control system to account for the sticky tires. The package is only being offered in Germany at the moment, with availability coming at the end of the year. Additionally, it’s only available for 2023 cars, and is apparently not being offered to existing Taycan Turbo S models.

We’d like to see Porsche do a run of the Turbo S with just the equipment available in more markets. As such, in the US, the Tesla is still the faster ‘Ring car. Back when Tesla set its record, there was also rumor of a track mode coming. Maybe it’s time for Tesla to launch it and make a return to the track.

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