Polestar 5 electrical sedan outed in EU patent photos

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published renderings of the Polestar 5, discovered by Car and Driver. The drawings show the electric sedan enduring the metamorphosis required to carry any concept car to production term. The challenges would be pronounced in this case, seeing that the designers who penned the Polestar Precept show car never intended it for production. Originally, the Precept was a rolling study of the design language that would move Polestar further from the gravitational pull of its Volvo sibling and Geely parent. In becoming the 5, the biggest changes so far are the insertion of a B-pillar, the change to conventional rear doors, the loss of the sensor array at the roof’s leading edge, and replacing the rear camera array with a traditional backlight. There are also side mirrors instead of side cameras.

The patent images show a few other tweaks, the biggest of which we’re not sure how to read. The image of the Polestar 5 prototype the automaker showed in September of last year was fitted with an incomplete rear end that looked like it would trace the short rear overhang of the concept. The side image from the EUIPO drawings present lengthened overhangs front and rear, the change in back extreme compared to the concept. We’re not sure if this is a trick of the drawing or what we should look forward to when the production model appears. The wheels recall the alloys on the concept, while looking more like something from a retail product.

Reports say the final model will sit on a new bonded aluminum spaceframe chassis. A battery of more than 100 kWh should deliver a range of more than 300 miles when powering the standard dual-motor AWD drivetrain.

With market launched planned for the 2024 model year, we’d expect to see the final version sometime in 2023. Before then, Polestar will launch the 3 later this year, to be built at Volvo’s South Carolina factory and usher 800-volt electric architectures into the portfolio. The smaller crossover 4, the brand’s first pure volume model, is due in the latter half of 2023.

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