Ought to BMW Carry the iX2 Electrical to the USA?

The BMW X2 lineup has arrived, introducing two notable variants: the X2 M35i and the iX2 electric. The former is set to hit the United States market, but the electric variant will not. This decision echoes the fate of the BMW iX1, which I considered one of BMW’s most impressive new electrified offerings, yet it too was not made available in the U.S. After experiencing the iX2, I find it pertinent to revisit whether BMW should consider its introduction to the U.S. market.

Beneficial, But Likely Only Short Term

Evaluating the BMW iX2 from two perspectives might offer insight into its potential fit for the U.S. As a standalone product, the iX2 does a great job, although it faces range limitations that are particularly relevant for the U.S., from a marketing perspective. Under the WLTP cycle, the BMW iX2 xDrive30 boasts a range of 449 km (279 miles), but the stricter EPA standards would likely adjust this to just above 200 miles. Factor in the reduction in range due to cold weather—a drop of about 15-20%—and the limitations become more pronounced.

Why It Might Not Work For The U.S. Market

We also travel long distances, we demand a lot for our buck and we expect brilliance in engineering. And when it comes to electric cars, the one major differentiator is the range. This is one of the reasons why Tesla is doing so well here. Other automakers as well. So from that angle, the BMW iX2 would have been absolutely criticized by US media, and scrutinized by the consumer for its range.

The Case For An iX2

But at the same time, BMW’s current U.S. lineup lacks a midsize electric crossover. The high-end BMW iX, though exceptional in my opinion, is priced around $100,000, making it unattainable for many electric SUV shoppers. The iX2 could have served as an intermediate option, nestled between the entry-level i4 EV and the premium iX, particularly appealing to families due to its increased size. So from this point of view, sure, the BMW iX2 would have been a great addition.

Neue Klasse Is Just Around The Corner. Sort Of

Another consideration is BMW’s upcoming vehicle generation, starting with the BMW iX3 in 2025. This model, anticipated to be available in the U.S., will introduce new battery and charging technology, positioning it competitively in the market. Following closely, an electric X5, dubbed the iX5, will launch in late 2026 or early 2027. At that point, BMW will have two of their most popular SUVs with a fully electric drivetrain.

Clearly, that will put the BMW iX2 in a tough spot, within just two years. Customers are likely to be attracted to the innovative features and advanced technology of the Neue Klasse iX3, and also the longer range. Throw in the larger iX5, with better range and batteries as well, and some Neue Klasse design bits, and the struggle to sell the iX2 becomes real. So with the risk of losing some customers in that EV midsize crossover segment over the next two years, I have to say that BMW’s decision to skip the US market with the iX2 might be the smart decision. And this comes from a guy who would love to have a BMW EV in that segment.

Luckily, we still get the MINI Countryman SE, which is a fantastic product, and in some ways, similar to the iX2. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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