One other 1987 Buick Regal GNX heads to public sale

The previously unimaginable prices for seemingly anything on any number of wheels continues to lure garage queens into the open. Here we have another Buick GNX headed to auction, this one Mecum’s Summer Special in Orlando from July 6-9. Buick only made 547; it feels like half went to owners who never drove them. The last GNX auction we covered, in 2019 on Bring a Trailer, ended up grossing $200,000 for a model with 8.5 miles. This example has been driven much harder than that, praises be to enthusiasts, with 54.8 miles on the odometer. That means the original owner, who kept the coupe until 2017, got more than six times the use out of his GNX than the 2019 owner. way to go

For those who haven’t attended any classes on the Buick Regal GNX, allow us to summarize the subject matter. When Buick greenlit “a Grand National to end all Grand Nationals,” out came the one-year-only 1987 GNX. A racier brand back then, it partnered with ASC/McLaren to work up the wheel lip flares, fender vents, 16-by-8-inch BBS rims, more aggressive tires, and the interior treatment. The Grand National trim used a 3.8-liter V6 making 245 horsepower and 355 pound-feet of torque hooked to a four-speed automatic. The GNX benefited from a larger Garrett T-3 turbocharger with a ceramic impeller, a larger intercooler, more aggressive fuel, spark, and waste gate tables, and a dual exhaust system that boosted output to what some say is an underrated 276 hp and 360 lb-ft.

This GNX headed to auction spices up the standard specs with the original order paperwork, window sticker, dealer invoice, ASC documentation, a GNX coffee table book, and a GNX jacket. That jacket could be the denim one or the high school varsity jacket with the cloth front and back and leather(ish) sleeves, which, sadly, didn’t include Buick’s attacking eagle logo of the time. We’d mention the black and sand gray cloth interior, power driver’s seat and mirrors, and Delco Concert Sound stereo, but it’s likely that the future owner won’t spend much time with them. Likely fated to be a garage or show queen again, the jet black paint, “original parts stickers still affixed on suspension,” and “original chalk markings throughout” will be the major points of interest.

Mecum doesn’t give a pre-sale estimate for this GNX, so we’ll be waiting to find out if the 2019 sale price was an anomaly — well, more of an anomaly — or the new benchmark. Just a year before, the most expensive GNX ever sold on Bring a Trailer had 28,000 miles and ended at ended at $60,000.

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