Nice key fob instances for all types of automotive keys

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Car keys can get pretty dirty over time. You handle them multiple times throughout the day, and when they’re not in the ignition they might be in your pocket, bag, or even the side of your belt. This can cause the key fob to get dirty, and make it difficult — and even a little gross — to clean and use your keys

Key fob cases can help you keep your key fob both clean and safe. Not only will it protect the device from any scratches or damage, but it will also minimize contact with dirt. It can also add some flash to your car keys, helping them look a little cooler and stand out from your run-of-the-mill fob. Check out our top choices for key fob cases below and see if any would look good dangling from your ignition.

Comparing our favorite key fob cases for 2022

YONUFI Car Key Fob Case: Our pick

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This leather key fob case from YONUFI is great if you want to add some color to your car keys. The case is available in a total of five different colors, all of which can help you spot your keys at a moment’s notice. Each style of this key fob case contains a leather pouch-like holder, as well as a zipper to open the key fob when needed. You can open up the leather case to access the key fob, but this isn’t entirely necessary. The case also has mesh on one side of the case, letting you both see and press your keys’ buttons with ease. The mesh may make the buttons a little hard to see, but if you use this fob for a while you’ll probably have a good idea of ​​where each button is and what they do.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Mesh on the side for easy accessibility
  • Hang from your belt with the included clip


  • Mesh obscures the fob’s visibility

Coolbestda Smart Key Fob Case: Another great option

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If you own a Toyota, then there’s a good chance that this Coolbestda key fob case is perfect for you. This fob case is designed to fit certain key fobs made by Toyota, specifically the Toyota Highlander, Avalon, Camry, Corolla, and RAV4, with an embossed button layout that covers your fob’s buttons. Because the case is tailor-made to fit the dimensions of a particular key fob it’s sure to be a great fit, and thanks to its convenient icons you’ll know what each button does without having to take the case off. Of course, this key fob case won’t be very useful if you don’t own one of the supported vehicles, so keep that in mind before you buy.


  • Two-piece set of fob cases
  • Designed specifically for supported key fobs
  • Does not restrict sensors


  • Not compatible with other key fob designs

Buffway Car Key Case: Also consider

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Key fobs are pretty unique and usually vary from car to car, but there have been some attempts to make a universal case that can be used with any kind of fob. This key case by Buffway is one such attempt, and it definitely can fit most, if not all, key fobs inside. There’s enough room to fit your key fob, and even a bit of leftover space for your keys if your fob is small enough. There is one major downside to this sort of design, however — the case is pretty much just a tiny leather bag. You’ll have to open and close the case every time you want to access the fob, and while you can press the buttons inside through the leather, you won’t be able to see where you’re pressing, and the fob might happen to move around, too. It’s not perfect, but at least it works with all kinds of fobs.


  • Compatible with almost any key fob
  • Various color options
  • Four inner layers for increased protection


  • Essentially a small leather bag

CarsalesDamai Black Leather Car Key Case: Also try

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This key fob case from CarsalesDamai is a great way to show off your car even when you’re not driving it. It’s available in many different variations, each one sporting a different car brand logo. There’s Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Mazda, and more, and the quality of the case will be the same no matter which brand you choose. The case itself is pretty simple, and they’re quite sturdy as well. With a zipper design for easy access and a buckle to clip the case to your belt, you’ll be able to carry this case around with little to no issue. There are no button indicators on this fob though, so you’ll either have to memorize your keys’ layout (which might not be that hard anyway) or open the case up whenever you want to use the fob.


  • Various stylish brand logos are available
  • Soft and durable design
  • Smooth, comfortable zipper feel


  • Not made from actual leather as advertised

TICONN Faraday Bag for Key Fob: Another option

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Your car is always vulnerable to break-ins, and some of the ways this can happen just might surprise you. One such way involves relaying the signal of your key fob and transmitting it to your car, making your car think that the fob is in range. This can allow someone to open and even run the car if they wanted to, but don’t worry — you can prevent this sort of thing by using a signal-blocking pouch that stops the fob’s signal from being picked up and relayed. This TICONN key fob pouch is a great way to protect yourself against this scary possibility. It has a buckle that makes the pouch easy to strap to your belt area, and there’s even an extra pouch for added storage. This key fob case is a good way to make sure nobody steals your ride out from under your nose.


  • Provides protection by blocking key fob signal
  • Extra pouch for added storage
  • Set of two bags


  • Hassle to always remove and replace the fob

Buyer’s guide for finding a key fob case

A key fob case can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose for your key fob. This quick buyer’s guide will help you choose the right fob case for your car keys and fob.

What is a key fob, anyway?

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard the term “key fob” before, because you’re certainly not alone. A “key fob” refers to the small remote control device that’s used alongside your car keys to unlock your car’s doors, activate its alarm, and more. Most people don’t know that the device has a name, and even fewer people would be able to guess that it’s called a “fob.”

Now you know what a key fob is, but why do you need a case for yours? What’s the purpose of keeping such a convenient device inside a tiny leather pouch? There are several reasons why you might want one, all of which can help make your life a whole lot easier.

Why you may want a key fob case

They can add style to your key fob

Key fob cases are available in many different styles and colors. They often feature unique designs that you wouldn’t otherwise see on a key fob, letting you turn a mundane handheld device into something personal that sticks out.

Think of key fob cases as a more niche version of a smartphone case. Smartphone cases are very popular, and while many people buy them for their protective properties, many others love cases because they let them customize their phone’s appearance. The possibilities are endless with smartphone cases, and they can give your device a personal touch in a matter of seconds.

While you won’t see as much creative expression in key fob cases as in smartphone cases, you still have some room for customization. With the right key fob case, you make your car keys your own.

They protect your key fob

Key fob cases add a layer of protection to an otherwise sensitive device. Key fobs can become damaged or broken over time, suffering scratches, dents, dings, and more. Key fob cases can minimize, dampen or even neutralize these potentially damaging actions entirely.

Do note that a key fob case won’t make your key fob indestructible. Most key fob cases are made out of pretty thin, often synthetic, leather. This makes them fairly light, but also fairly thin, so they won’t be able to perfectly insulate your key fob.

Still, protection is protection, no matter how small an amount it may be. Sure, it won’t stop a bullet, but it can take a scratch here and there and soften the impact of an object on your fob, and these things can add up over time and make a difference.

They keep your key fob clean

Because key fob cases cover up the key fob, they prevent dirt, mud, and other particles from coming into contact with the case. This does mean that the key fob case will get dirty, but at least the key fob itself will stay squeaky clean. When you decide to give your case a good cleaning, you’ll notice when you take it off that your key fob still looks brand-new.

They can prevent hacking

A final benefit to key fob cases that you might not have known about is that some of them can actually prevent your car from being hacked. Hackers can relay your key fob’s signal from a distance and send it to your car, tricking your vehicle into thinking that the fob is nearby. They can then use that signal to gain access to your car, allowing them to steal your belongings and even take the whole car itself.

This is pretty scary to consider, and while there are other ways for dedicated hackers to break into your car, you can at least foil this particular relay method with the help of certain key fob pouches. By using special material, these key fob pouches block the fob’s signals when it’s not in use.

By cutting off the fob’s signals, hackers can’t relay the signal to your car, preventing them from gaining access to it. You can take the key fob out of its pouch when you want to open your car and it’ll function just as intended, foiling your would-be hackers’ plans before they could even get started.

Do I need a key fob case?

Key fob cases might seem unnecessary to someone who hasn’t owned one before, which is why you might still be skeptical about whether or not you should buy one. The answer to this question is pretty straightforward– you’ll never know unless you try it out, so why not give it a go? Key fob cases are pretty inexpensive, so there’s really no reason not to get one and see how you like it for yourself.

Our criteria for key fob cases

The key fob cases found on our list are chosen based on a few important criteria. We look at the design of the case itself, and we also consider how many different kinds of fobs the case supports. We also take a look at the build quality and size of the case, and other features (such as signal-blocking) are taken into consideration as well. We also take a look at customer reviews to give you an idea of ​​what using a specific key fob case will be like firsthand.

People also asked

Q: What is a key fob?

A: A key fob is a small remote control-like device that comes with your car keys and is used to send simple instructions to your car, such as setting its alarm and locking or unlocking its doors.

Q: Do key fob cases protect key fobs?

A: Key fob cases prevent dirt and dust from building up on the key fob, and they can also protect the fob from scratches and other slight damage.

Q: What are key fob cases made of?

A: Key fob cases are often made of leather, much of which is synthetic, but there are cases made from other materials available too.

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