Fisker Pear inside teased, exhibits ethereal, minimal cabin

Henrik Fisker is back on Instagram, this time with his Pear. The CEO teased the interior of the coming compact electric vehicle that will double Fisker Automotive’s lineup after the Ocean goes on sale later this year. The Pear, an acronym for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, wants to melt the hearts and open the wallets of city dwellers looking for minimalist urban transport with elevated design at minimal cost. Based on the interior rendering, such buyers will get a good look at their cities out of the Pear thanks to tall, wraparound windows. The curved A-pillar intrigues us. Aerodynamic necessity has made EV windshields terrifically narrow because they’re raked so steeply, and the tops of instrument panels shockingly lengthy. An upright-looking windshield on a curt IP would be a novelty in an EV.

Elsewhere, there’s the SolarSky panoramic roof that’s expected to contribute to range. The Pear could drop the Ocean’s second gauge cluster screen, putting everything on the central infotainment monitor held aloft from the dash. There seems to be heaps of ambient lighting, notably on the declining forward edge of the center tunnel. It’s all simple and bold. What we can’t see is the “Houdini trunk” behind the back bench, claimed to be a new concept in storage that will “offer a new level of storage for its segment.”

We could begin to find out how this looks in real life later this year. Fisker said prototypes might hit the road ahead of schedule, before 2022 is out. The retail version isn’t slated for production until 2024 at this point, in the Lordstown, Ohio plant that Foxconn owns. When that happens, we’ve been promised two battery sizes powering single- and dual-motor powertrains. The larger battery is called the Hyper Range unit, aiming at more than 300 miles on a charge.

Fisker’s caption said, “We are currently working full speed on re-defining how to make an inexpensive car. Reducing parts, make them simpler.” If all goes to plan, the entry-level version will cost $29,000 before incentives. That’s a shockingly low price right now, never mind in two years. The company says it as 3,200 reservations so far for the Pear, and more than 50,000 for the Ocean.

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