Evari 856 Commuter E-bike is Light-weight and Sturdy Because of Carbon Fiber Body

Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Kimberly Hoodin

July 25, 2022

Evari’s 856 commuter e-bike features a carbon fiber frame, seat post, and more.

Evari, a mobility start-up company in the UK, operates on three core principles of innovation, detailed design, and rider engagement with a focus on products and production techniques creating a sustainable future. The company’s latest e-bike, the Evari 856, supports the company’s stated goals and offers riders a high-end riding experience.

Evari describes the Evari 856 as a high-end electric bike featuring a monocoque carbon frame, total electronic integration, and titanium components that is produced using the finest materials and components, which are easy to service and should last longer for the owner.

Beyond the Evari 856’s monocoque carbon fiber frame, the commuter e-bike features a Bosch Performance Line drive and titanium components. The e-bike’s fork, seat post, wheel rims, handlebars, motor cover, top tube cover, stem, and Praxis Carbon crank arms are all also constructed of carbon fiber composites.

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