Carbon Fiber Lattice Cell Towers Allow Sturdy and Price-effective 5G Rollout

IsoTruss Inc.

Kimberly Hoodin

November 22, 2021

IsoTruss®’ carbon fiber lattice cell towers are a cost-effective and innovative solution to support 5G rollout and deployment.

As the demand for 5G connectivity grows, estimates for tower construction in the US over the next five years reach $30 billion and even more internationally. IsoTruss® carbon fiber lattice cell towers will cut costs in capital outlay, shipping, and installation and labor, allowing a rapid and more sustainable deployment of 5G technology.

The IsoTruss® carbon fiber cell tower is 1/12 the weight of a steel tower which becomes especially important as 5G is rolled out to urban rooftop sites with weight limits and to remote rural locations. The IsoTruss® structure provides flexibility in design and structural advantages that steel, traditionally used in cell towers, cannot match. The towers range in height from 6 to 42 meters, depending on site and zoning requirements, and the IsoTruss® structure maintains wind resistance and strength at all sizes. Additionally, the IsoTruss® grid design, based on isosceles triangles which allows for very efficient use of the carbon fiber composite materials, enables customization based on customer needs. Safety is also paramount and lighting arresting systems can be customized.

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