BMW XM Has Wild Spec In Prolonged Photograph Gallery

BMW might not offer the high level of customization provided by the ultra-luxury brands but buyers are still spoiled for choice when personalizing their next Bimmer. This becomes immediately noticeable after firing up the XM configurator since it includes a wide array of exterior paints and more than a few upholstery choices for those willing to dig even deeper into their wallets.

Since the flagship M model is tailored to those who want to stand out, BMW has some wild options. Case in point, this build is a show-stopper with its Cape York Green exterior finish featuring gold accents that extend onto the enormous 23-inch wheels. Then there’s the SUV’s design itself, which some of us are still having a hard time getting used to since it’s wildly different compared to the regular crop of M SUVs.

The interior is equally striking with its two-tone leather combining Deep Lagoon with Vintage Coffee. Lest we forget the XM is the only BMW currently offered with a so-called sculptural headliner featuring a prism-like pattern and surrounded by 100 LEDs giving the impression you’re in a night club. If you’re after practicality, this is not the SUV to buy since although it perfectly matches the X7’s wheelbase, it only has two rows of seats.

The photos are provided by BMW Bulgaria and come from a recent local media event where the regional division also brought a new M2 decked out with carbon fiber M Performance Parts. Mind you, this is a standard XM rather than the Label Red, which can be configured to look the same but it has a more potent configuration of the plug-in hybrid V8 powertrain.

In case you’re curious how popular the XM has been so far, BMW reported 2,484 sales in the first half of 2023. It was never going to become a best-selling product given its steep asking price and polarizing design but the luxury automaker believes the electrified SUV will be especially popular in the United States and China. These two markets are projected to account for nearly half of the demand, with 26% of customers expected to come from the US and 23% from the world’s most populous country. The Middle East should be up next with 8%, followed by Germany and South Korea each with 7%.

Source: BMW

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