BMW M2 Drag Races Audi RS3 For Compact Efficiency Crown

After going faster around the Nürburgring than the RS3 to set a record for compact cars, the new BMW M2 met its direct rival from Ingolstadt in a good ol’ drag race. The two are similar yet different since the G87 is a rear-wheel-drive coupe while the RS3 is a Quattro-equipped sedan. Munich’s baby M has more power from a larger engine but the model carrying the Four Rings is substantially lighter.

BMW sells the M2 with a six-speed manual, but the car tested by Motorsport Magazine had the eight-speed automatic. It’s a torque-converter ‘box whereas the Audi RS3 Sedan has a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic. Looking at their technical specification sheets, the Bavarian compact car has an advantage of 53 hp and 50 Nm (37 lb-ft) but it’s carrying around an extra 116 kg (256 lbs).

2023 BMW M2 Toronto Red /

As expected, the lower curb weight and the DCT helped the Audi RS3 gain a substantial advantage at the start of the drag race. However, that wasn’t enough as the BMW’s extra power provided by the inline-six engine allowed the M2 to recuperate the lost ground and eventually overtake the sports sedan. Had it been a standard drag race to the quarter mile (0.4 kilometers), the outcome would’ve been even closer.

However, the two cars raced for a full kilometer (0.62 miles), therefore giving the M2 enough time to unlock its full potential. The BMW needed 21.5 seconds to cross the finish line whereas the RS3 took an extra tenth of a second to get the job done.

Even faster M2 versions are on the way considering BMW is preparing a CS special edition for a 2024 debut and we’re hearing there could even be an xDrive model in 2026. Audi isn’t sitting around doing nothing either since it has hinted a beefier RS3 with a more powerful 2.5-liter engine will land at some point next year together with the model’s facelift.

Meanwhile, the very same folks from Motorsport Magazine have pitted this Toronto Red M2 G87 equipped with the Steptronic against a base M2 F87 that had the optional DCT. If you haven’t seen the drag race, you can watch it here.

Source: Motorsport Magazine / YouTube

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