BMW i4 Will get a New Aero Equipment From 3D Design

The BMW i4 is intentionally pretty timid looking. BMW didn’t want the i4 to look much different from the standard 4 Series Gran Coupe, so as to not scare off regular BMW customers with any radical EV styling. The downside of that is that it makes the i4 just a tad boring looking. So if you’re an i4 owner and you want a bit of extra fizz from your car, this new aero kit from 3D Design might just do the trick.

As always, 3D design comes through with an aero kit that doesn’t only look great but is made from the highest quality materials and fit perfectly. At the moment, the only 3D design parts available for the BMW i4 are visual aero bits. No suspension are available just yet but 3D design is currently in the process of creating some. The car in these photos is lowered 15mm, however, to show you what it looks like with a lower ride.

This specific i4 is the rear-wheel drive eDrive40 model, which is good because that’s going to be the volume seller, so these photos show the vast majority of i4 customers what their specific car can look like. It wears Brooklyn Gray paint, one of the most popular BMW colors on the market right now, and all of its aero parts feature a 2×2 carbon weave with a glossy finish.

Among the parts available are a front lip splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a trunk spoiler. Inside, it only gets 3D Design carpets and aluminum pedals, as it doesn’t need the brand’s typically awesome aluminum paddle shifters, being that it’s electric and doesn’t have gears to shift.

The BMW i4 eDrive40 is a good electric sedan, with more than enough power to be fun, rear-drive chassis dynamics, good enough performance, and decent range. It’s a bit odd looking, and it isn’t exactly the most thrilling BMW to look at, so giving it some 3D Design exterior parts can really enhance its look and make it feel more special each and every time you get in.What’s nice about these parts are that they aren’t outlandish and really fit the look of the car. So you can make your i4 look sportier, more expensive, and more aggressive without making it obnoxious. And, as always, you know that the parts are made of the highest quality and you’ll never have a problem with fitment or durability.

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