Audi remembers Q8, Q7 fashions for potential gasoline pump failure

Audi is recalling nearly 50,000 of its larger Q8 and Q7 SUVs to address an issue with the fuel pump that, under rare circumstances, can strand drivers after an internal failure. V6 models produced for the 2019-2021 model years before January 2021 were shipped with pumps containing internal components that can be damaged by pressure fluctuations within the pump, damaging the unit and potentially starving the vehicle of fuel.

While this failure mode rules out the possibility of a fuel leak, the broken pieces of the pump damage the sealing membrane on the fuel pressure regulator. In rare circumstances, the debris can restrict fuel flow to the point that the car stalls unexpectedly.

“An inoperative fuel pump due to these conditions could result in illumination of the ’emission control system’ light, rough engine running and/or an engine no start,” Audi’s defect report said. “However, in rare instances, an engine stall while driving could occur, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Notifications have begun circulating to dealers and owners; they should receive instructions by September.

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