A number of VW and Audi vehicles recalled for exploding airbags

Potentially dangerous airbags are once again being recalled, though this time, they don’t appear to be related to the infamous Takata airbags. The recall is for a variety of 2016 model year VW and Audi products. They include all versions of the 2016 VW Golf, as well as 2016 Audi A3, TT and R8 models. Just over 1,200 cars are included in this recall.

While the airbags don’t seem to be Takata units, they’re being recalled for a similar issue. When activated, the airbag inflators may activate in such a way as to blast apart the airbag’s housing, sending shards of metal and plastic toward the occupant. This could cause injuries rather than protecting passengers.

One person has been injured from a faulty airbag, and that incident is what triggered the recall. VW hasn’t determined the exact issue, but has tracked down the airbags that are likely at fault. The recall is also only for passenger-side frontal airbags. Documentation for the recall seems to show the affected parts came from Joyson Safety Systems and ARC, the latter of which has had much larger and wider airbag recalls for similar issues.

The repair is simply an airbag replacement. A VW or Audi dealer will replace the recalled airbag with a newer, revised unit. The replacement is completely free. Owners can contact VW and Audi customer service departments at 1-800-893-5298 and 1-800-253-2834, respectively, for information. The VW recall number is 69DY, and the Audi number is 61C1. The brands will be sending out letters to affected owners in September, and owners can also check their vehicle to see if its affected by putting in the VIN at nhtsa.gov/recalls.

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