2024 MINI Cooper 5-Door Rendered Forward of Its Debut

MINI has confirmed that it will launch a new 5-door hatchback and Cabrio model in 2024. The 5-door MINI Cooper will be aimed at customers who need a little more space than the standard 3-door model, while the Cabrio will offer the joy of open-top driving. It remains somewhat unclear at the moment whether the upcoming MINI 5-door will also be offered with both combustion engines and electric powertrains. The recently introduced MINI Cooper SE was developed together with the Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall, while the future petrol and diesel engines will be based on the BMW UKL architecture.

Longer, More Space

Render by instagram.com/theottle

Theo Throttle, a car designer and digital artist, has created a series of renders that show what the upcoming MINI 5-door could look like. The digital artists based his designs on the three-door MINI Cooper (J01), and he lengthened the wheelbase and added rear doors. This will give it more interior space, making it a more practical choice for families or people who need to carry more cargo. As you’d expect, the result is a vehicle that is both stylish and practical. There aren’t likely to be many styling changes between the 3 and 5-door variants. In the end, both cars have always shared the same identity.

All Electric in 2030

Render by instagram.com/theottle

MINI is a full transformation mode. The British marque will offer a mix of electric and combustion-engine models until 2030, when it will become an all-electric brand. The company has also announced that it will discontinue the manual gearbox and focus on developing high-performance models with John Cooper Works branding. MINI’s decision to offer both electric and combustion-engine models is a response to the different needs of its customers. Some customers are ready to switch to electric vehicles, while others are not. By offering a variety of models, MINI can appeal to a wider range of buyers.

The British brand part of the BMW Group projects deliveries of pure EVs will match those of ICEs in just two years’ time. MINI wants electric vehicles to account for 50% ff sales in 2025. In 2023, electric cars account for only 15% of the firm’s total sales.

[Render by instagram.com/theottle]

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